Educating the Next Generation


Introducing ¡Supérate!—a visionary educational program dreamed up by Hilasal President Ricardo Sagrera Bogle. With the vision of bridging the gap between brilliant, yet underprivileged youth from the San Andrés Valley in El Salvador and the growing need for local businesses to hire English-speaking talent with computing skills, ¡Supérate! was born.

The Hilasal leader observed the growing demands of a globalized economy in which English and computer science are essential skill sets and took action. A pilot program center was established in 2004 to provide high-quality training in English, computer science, and core values. Forty students from local public schools demonstrating superlative academic performance, potential, and commitment for self-improvement were selected to participate.

The  ¡Supérate! program showed unbridled success and has since grown to 10 centers across El Salvador and Panama benefiting nearly 4,000 high school students to date.

Our Program

¡Supérate! is a highly-selective not-for-profit academic program that accepts exceptional sophomores from the San Andres Valley. Each center selects no more than 70 students per year to participate in the three-year program, focusing on students with limited economic resources who have shown outstanding academic achievement and promise.  

In addition to their public school education and extracurricular activities, ¡Supérate! students spend three hours each day studying English and computer skills at their designated center.

At the conclusion of the program, students obtain international certifications for advanced proficiency in English and Microsoft Office, and the undeniable opportunity to better their future.  

Our Mission

The ¡Supérate! mission is to offer a program of academic excellence that contributes to improving the education standards of Central American high school students with scarce economic resources. In turn, ¡Supérate! provides these young minds with better life opportunities through a high-quality education in English, computer science, and life-long values.